We are growing today to create a greener tomorrow

People are our greatest value

Our work has an impact - our 4,500 energy heroes in five countries stand to ensure the happiness of our customers and a more sustainable world. Together, we create forward-looking energy solutions, and inspire people around us to move towards a greener world.

See our path to green

We have everything you need to do a job that has an impact

  • More than 80 years of experience in Estonia, and one of the most known brands
  • Five markets – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland
  • Leaders in energy innovation in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Creator of complete energy solutions for the customer
  • Leading renewable energy developer and producer in the Baltic Sea region
  • Leader of the circular economy
  • Come, you will have an influential job

    We are growing and looking for new energy heroes – our goal is to create new energy solutions and a greener world.


    Unfortunately, there are no vacancies at the moment.


    Didn't find a suitable job offer?
    If you are interested in working in Eesti Energia, then send your CV to our recruitment center. In case of a match, we will forward your CV to the suitable company within the Eesti Energia group looking for a person with your knowledge and experience. In case of additional quetions, please get in touch via

    Eesti Energia is a desirable employer

    Aasta õppijasõbralik tööandja 2021
    Atraktiivne IT-tööandja 2021
    Atraktiivne tööandja 2021 I koht palgatöötajate seas
    Atraktiivne tööandja 2021 II koht tudengite seas
    Atraktiivne tööandja 2020 II koht palgatöötajate seas
    Atraktiivne tööandja 2020 III koht tudengite seas
    Atraktiivne tööandja 2020 tehniliste erialade spetsialistide seas
    2. koht - Eesti ihaldusväärseim tööandja 2020
    1. koht - TOP tööandja tootmissektoris 2020
    4. koht - TOP tööandja 2020
    Atraktiivne IT-tööandja 2019 - Uuring IT-töötajate hulgas
    2. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2019. aasta tehnikatudengite arvestuses
    8. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2019. aasta Eesti kõrgkoolide tudengite üldarvestuses
    1. koht - TOP tööandja Põhja-Eestis 2019
    1. koht - TOP tööandja tootmissektoris 2019
    TOP Tööandja 2018
    Eesti Ihaldusväärseim tööandaja 2018
    1. koht - Kõige mainekam tööandja 2017
    1. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2017, Eesti kõrgkoolide uuringu põhjal tehnikatungite arvestuses
    1. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2017, Eesti kutsekoolide uuringu põhjal
    1. koht - Eesti ihaldusväärseim tööandja 2016
    3. koht - INSTAR 2015. aasta tudengite uuringu tulemuste põhjal
    1. koht - Eesti ihaldusväärseim tööandja 2015
    2. koht - INSTAR 2014. aasta tudengite uuringu tulemuste põhjal
    2. koht - Eesti ihaldusväärseim tööandja 2014
    3. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2013. aasta tudengite uuringu tulemuste põhjal
    1. koht - Eesti ihaldusväärseim tööandja 2013
    3. koht - Atraktiivne tööandja 2012

    Energy hero – our common way of thinking

    We invent, grow, ignite, and care. This is our law of conservation of energy. Our energy does not appear or disappear, but transforms according to the current challenge. It is important for us that you are here – you are learning and developing. As an international company driven by changes over time, we know that it all starts with your experience.

    We Invent, Grow
    We start, Care

    We care about our people therefore improve employee's experience

    Caring culture

    We encourage the energy people to express their opinion and participate in the development of the organization. We enable our people to move in several directions within the group - in our five home markets. We notice, acknowledge, celebrate and care.

    A work environment that supports creativity

    The work environment supports culture and overall flexibility, such as a virtual work environment, collaborative spaces, the necessary leisure and creative spaces, tasteful and well-maintained common areas, and healthy food options in all locations.

    Flexible work – in the place and device suitable for you

    We are an official partner of Microsoft. We have smart digital tools that support a flexible way of working. It's important that things get done - no matter where or in which device.

    Here you can contribute to sustainable energy solutions and the green transformation in the energy sector

    The new energy world

    We care - 40% of our electricity production constitutes renewable energy.


    Green energy


    EV charging



    Electrical work

    Heat (district heating, heat pump, gas)

    Smart solutions

    (high-speed internet, smart management of equipment and consumption, mobile app)


    Virtual power plant

    Wind farms

    Solar pa

    Cogeneration plants

    Thermal power plants

    Low sulphur marine fuel

    Recycle (limestone, shale ash, waste tyres, garbage, wast wood)


    Integrated management of multiple infrastructures

    (electricity, internet, cable, EV charging)

    Solar parks

    Street lighting

    High-quality electricity distribution network

    Experience in energy world

    We invent

    We grow

    We start

    We care

    Keep an eye on energy heroes


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