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All the necessary information about purchasing electrical energy, from electricity packages to reviews of the functioning of the electricity market. All the steps necessary for concluding and amending your electricity contract can be performed quickly and easily right here, in our e-service.
Energy Efficiency »
Useful advice on how to save energy in your home and simple quizzes for updating your knowledge and evaluating your consumption habits

Electrical Work »
Necessary information about various electrical works and how to order them. We help you perform all the works safely and provide you with a two year guarantee. To order works, there is no need to have any previous knowledge of the electrical field, please just described what you need.


Our customer service line 777 1545 during the holidays

Due to the holidays, on 22 June our customer service line 777 1545 will answer your calls from 08:00 till 15:00. On 23 and 24 June our customer service line is closed. Elektrilevi fault notification line 1343 is open 24/7. Wishing you an enjoyable Victory Day and St John's Day!

Eesti Energia mobile app: a saving opportunity in your pocket

More than half of the people in Estonia are daily smart phone users. Are you one of them? If so, find out how to arrange your electricity affairs conveniently in your smart phone. Nearly 30,000 customers of Eesti Energia are already using the mobile app. 5 reasons why the app is useful for you »

Are your contact details updated so that you are able to receive important notifications?

We encourage you to check your contact details and authorizations in our e-service. Accurate information is required in order for you to receive important notifications and short messages about your electricity contract in due time. Please check and – if necessary – change your email address and telephone numbers used in connection with your electricity contract. If your relatives do not use computers, please help them to update their contact details as well! Check the contact details you use in connection with your electricity contract »

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Blog: How to preserve the value that the oil shale industry creates?

Margus Vals, Member of the Management Board of Eesti Energia, Projects, Technology and New Business
Some time ago the oil shale industry was regarded as completely “bullet-proof”, but now the external environment presents a number of challenges for the industry. Environmental requirements become stricter, energy markets integrate and prices are volatile. How do we preserve the value that thousands of employees create and the public revenue of approximately 300 million euros annually? More »