About Eesti Energia

We are on the green journey together with customers

We are an international energy company

We provide useful and convenient energy solutions and produce energy in an increasingly environmentally friendly way.

Eesti Energia's home market stretches from Finland to Poland.


Electrification based on green electricity is the fastest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to a carbon-neutral economic model.

As experts in the field of energy, we help customers plan their green journey in a personal and flexible manner as well as implement it by using environmentally friendly energy solutions.

We will increase our renewable energy production four times by 2025

We will build onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks.

We will cease electricity production from oil shale by 2030 at the latest

We will achieve carbon-neutral electricity production by 2035

We will transform our production of liquid fuels into a chemical industry based on the circular economy.

We will start to produce primary materials from plastic waste and waste tyres for things needed in everyday life.

All Eesti Energia's production will be carbon neutral by 2045

Get acquainted with the strategy

Energy signature as our promise

We take responsibility for the natural resources, technology and the power network entrusted to us to be used in the best manner possible. We are turning energy production to be increasingly environmentally friendly.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to provide better services to our customers and to develop energy.

We are enterprising. We have the best players in our field. We combine the skills and knowledge of professional people, because there is real power in working together.

Mission - All our energy for the benefit of people!

The jointly managed business of Eesti Energia makes us a professional and reliable partner for customers in all energy matters.
In our daily work, we proceed from the following values:

Beneficial to customers

We can only be successful if we create value for customers

Growing value

We focus primarily on activities that create greater value

Complex things made simple

We make complex things simple and understandable

Safety above all

Our activities are always associated with risks to the environment and human health. Therefore, we always consider occupational safety, health and the environment

It depends on me

My energy, will and responsibility ensure that common goals will be achieved

History – Over 80 years of experience in energy

While we are currently participating in the green revolution by making electricity production more environmentally friendly and by developing renewable energy, 80 years ago it was necessary to electrify the whole of Estonia. On 8 May 1939, President Konstantin Päts signed the document establishing Elektrikeskus. Although Elektrikeskus started to bear the name Eesti Energia only in 1945, this moment marks the beginning of the group of Eesti Energia. The task of Elektrikeskus was to implement the Estonian electrification plan and to create an energy system. To this end, power lines were built connecting consumers to power plants, and preparations began for the construction of new power plants. Since then, we have significantly expanded our scope of operations – the local Estonian electricity company has become an international and versatile provider of energy solutions. In fact, we are still continuing to electrify Estonia today by replacing other energy sources with renewable electricity, such as motor fuel or gas.

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