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Unleash the potential of your smart meters

NetFix is an AI-powered solution that helps grid managers solve technical and operational challenges.

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Why NetFix?

  • Reduce failures and unwanted customer inquiries
    Be ahead of the problem by predicting grid faults.
  • Prioritize maintenance and investments
    Replace periodic maintenance with data-based targeted actions.
  • Monitor grid stress
    Detect problems caused by electricity producers, such as solar panels.
  • What problems NetFix detects?

  • Overvoltage and undervoltage
  • Contact problems
  • PEN earthing problems
  • Producer-related problems
  • How NetFix works?

    Data inputs

    Data is taken from different operating systems and their databases

    AI analytics

    Netfix as a data center with machine learning capabilities, based on which the analytics is done


    Data-based insights for maintenance and investments prioritization

    Collaboration partners

    EAS ja Euroopa Regionaalarengu Fond (ERG) toetab Enefit Connect OÜ projekti NetFix elektrivõrgu monitoorimise süsteem. Projekti toetuse summa on 392 212,5 €.

    Contact person

    Delvis Mihhailov

    Delvis Mihhailov

    NetFix Business Development Manager

    Tel: +372 5307 2737
    [email protected]

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