Happy Holidays from Enefit American Oil!
Thank you to everyone for your continued interest in and support of Enefit’s Utah Project over the past year!
While we have some changes ahead, we have also reached some significant milestones in 2018, including the approval of the right-of-way, after six years of study, to extend utilities over federal land. We’ve also received confirmation from the Office of Energy Development that the project meets the prerequisites of the Alternative Energy Development Incentive (AEDI) tax incentive. Planning for and developing a complex, long-lead project requires patience, commitment and persistence, and we’re grateful for the encouragement and assistance we’ve received during the past several years.

We’re also grateful for Rikki Hrenko-Browning’s nearly 13 years of leadership and guidance at Enefit, and we wish her well in her new role as President of the Utah Petroleum Association, which represents all aspects of the state’s liquid fuels production industry. Rikki assumes her new role at the UPA on January 2nd, 2019.

Rikki Hrenko-Browning
“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with Enefit and I sincerely thank the many people who have championed this project and provided me with support and guidance over the years. I truly appreciate the relationships that I have built as the project has progressed. It has been an honor to have the opportunity to introduce many of my fellow Utahns to the possibilities of the oil shale industry and to the beautiful nation of Estonia, where Enefit is based. I am excited to take on my new role as President of the Utah Petroleum Association and continue my career in energy, representing Utah’s broader oil and gas industry.”

We welcome Ryan Clerico as Enefit’s new CEO, effective January 1st, 2019. Ryan has served as Enefit’s Head of Development and Environment for the past six years, as well as serving as Acting CEO for six months in 2016-2017.

Ryan Clerico
“This year the project has seen some great achievements and I am looking forward to continuing the progress that Rikki, I, the rest of the Enefit Utah team and our parent company in Estonia have made in making a U.S. commercial oil shale industry a reality. I’m grateful for the broad foundation of support that Enefit has built under Rikki’s leadership and am pleased that we will continue working together as she moves into a new role at the Utah Petroleum Association.”

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in the New Year! / Häid pühi ja head uut aastat!

Final Sage Grouse Rule Released

On December 7th, the Utah BLM published the greater sage grouse Proposed Resource Management Plan Amendment and Final EIS, triggering a 30-day public comment period and a governor’s consistency review of up to 60 days. Highlights of the agency-preferred “Management Alignment Alternative” include removing requirements for compensatory mitigation, removing the designation of “General Habitat Management Areas” (GHMAs), and providing more flexibility in disturbance caps in “Priority Habitat Management Areas” (PHMAs). While the BLM plan now aligns more closely with the State of Utah’s plan, EAO is carefully reviewing the final rule and anticipates submitting formal comments before the January 6th, 2019 deadline. The BLM’s Record of Decision on the plan amendment is expected in early 2019.

Ozone Challenges in the Uintah Basin

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a final rule in April designating parts of Utah’s Wasatch Front and Uintah Basin as areas of non-attainment for the ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS). On November 7th, the EPA also put out their final rule for implementing the 2015 ozone standard in non-attainment areas. The final rule puts in motion several regulatory actions and challenges for entities that are already permitted but interested in expanding, as well as for entities, such as EAO, that are in the process of permitting and development.

Shortly after the EPA released the April designation, industry, tribal, government, regulatory, NGO and research interests convened to form the Uintah Basin Ozone Working Group. The group aims to foster collaboration, develop mutual understanding, and benefit from collective knowledge and synergies to identify effective, economically viable measures to reduce ozone levels in the Uinta Basin, among other goals. EAO is an active member of this group and we are optimistic that together we can find solutions to help the Uintah Basin achieve attainment of the ozone standard.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Utah State University use a variety of methods to study how ozone affects air quality in eastern Utah’s Uintah Basin.Basin.

Governor Herbert’s recently released 2019-2020 budget proposal earmarks $100 million to fund a variety of air quality projects. The upcoming legislative session is anticipated to address air quality, both along the Wasatch Front as well as in the Basin, and we support the state’s attention and funding prioritization on this crucial issue. If we cannot address the winter ozone problem, future energy development and job growth in the Basin will suffer.

Sign Up for Winter Ozone Alerts!

Utah State University’s Bingham Research Center has partnered with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (UDEQ) to provide email alerts when ozone exceeding EPA standards is forecast for the Uintah Basin. The purpose of these alerts is to provide the oil and gas industry and the public with real-time information about air quality in the Basin, so that action can be taken to reduce emissions of ozone-forming pollutants. Those who sign up will receive emails two days in advance of when air quality is expected to exceed EPA standards, as well as when an inversion episode ends (or if one was forecast but did not materialize).

We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for winter ozone alerts. While the plan is geared toward industry action, everyone can, and should, do their part to help improve air quality. Even simple steps, such as limiting vehicle idling, keeping vehicles adequately tuned and tires correctly inflated, and carpooling can make a difference.

We’ve moved!

After several years in downtown Salt Lake City, we moved to new offices in South Jordan. Please update your address books!

Our new address:

Enefit American Oil
10421 South Jordan Gateway, Suite 600
South Jordan, Utah 84095

Our telephone number remains the same: +1 801 363 0206
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