We’re making headlines
Profiles In Energy, a twice-yearly special section of the Vernal Express and Uintah Basin Standard newspapers, published an in-depth story, “Enefit American Oil pressing forward with Uintah Basin oil shale plans,” about Enefit’s Utah Project, available here on the EnefitUtah.com website and here on the Vernal Express site.

The special section also included this article written by Enefit CEO Rikki Hrenko. A version of this also appeared in Rifle, Colorado’s Citizen Telegram.
Estonian journalists visit Utah
  Journalists from Kanal 2, a lifestyle and news-oriented television station in Enefit’s home town of Tallinn, Estonia, visited Utah to film stories about Enefit’s oil shale project in the Uintah Basin and about what makes Utah a great place to live.

Ingrid Sembach-Hõbemägi and Jannar Volmer were interested in things that Utah has in common with Estonia, which derives nearly all of its its power from oil shale.
Kanal 2’s Ingrid Sembach-Hõbemägi and Jannar Volmer
with Dinosaur National Monument Ranger Dan Johnson
The journalists toured Enefit’s Utah project located within one of the area’s richest oil shale formations and discussed the company’s plans to produce liquid fuels as they have done in Estonia for more than 30 years. Ingrid and Jannar also interviewed local officials in Vernal and the Governor’s Office and produced stories on Dinosaur National Monument, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance and the Mummies of the World at the Leonardo museum.
Enefit hosts university students
Four Estonian engineering students from Tallinn University of Technology also visited Utah recently and toured Enefit’s project site in Uintah County. Pictured from left to right are Urmo Ariva, Janno Nõu, Paul Liias and Kärt Tergem.

The students were in town for an engineering conference and were interested in seeing their country’s largest international investment for themselves. Most people in Estonia are familiar with oil shale since it is the principal energy source for the country. A recent survey showed that Estonians are supportive of expanding the country’s oil shale energy projects.
How do you get oil from a rock?
We’re often asked how our process works to get oil from oil shale, so we created an animation to explain things in a straightforward simple way. Visit our website to check it out.
Presentations and public meetings coming your way
We’ve been out in the community making presentations about the project and have reached several hundred people so far at groups like the Vernal Chamber the Commerce, the Uintah Transportation Special Service District, Utah’s Office of Energy Development and others. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Enefit’s Utah oil shale project, please e-mail Kris McBride with your request.

And, now that the Environmental Impact Statement process has begun on the utility corridor to serve our project, the BLM is planning public scoping meetings, probably in late June, in Vernal and Salt Lake City. While the first phase of our project is located on private property, utilities (water, power, natural gas) and an oil pipeline must cross federal land, which requires an environmental review by the BLM.

We’re also planning an open house to introduce our project to the Uintah Basin community in the next couple of months and we’d love to see you there. Stay tuned for more details about the open house and the BLM scoping meetings.
Misconception-busters: Technology doesn’t exist to extract oil from oil shale, does it?
  Um, yes, it does.

What's more, Enefit has been using it for 30 years to produce liquid fuels in Estonia. While no commercial oil shale operation exists, yet, in the U.S., industries are operating in Estonia, Brazil and China and other countries have projects in the works.

Enefit140 and Enefit280 liquid fuels plants
  What’s your favorite misconception about oil shale? Let us know and we’ll include it in a future newsletter.
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