• Cable malfunctions, maintenance work, low hydro reserves and poor weather raise power exchange prices in April In this edition of the Market Overview, we recap the changes in electricity prices in April and examine the factors behind the changes.We’ll also take a closer look at the fluctuations in the price of crude oil, the exchange rates of the euro and the dollar, and carbon prices, and introduce the most important news from the Baltic states’ markets in April.

  • In this edition of the market overview, we look at how electricity prices rose in March and how the NordBalt cable failures affected the market prices in Latvia and Lithuania. We will discuss why the oil oversupply may continue in spite of the short-term price rise and what caused the euro to appreciate during March. We will also share tips on why it’s a good idea to consult Eesti Energia’s Large Business Customer Services before taking a decision on electricity purchasing.

  • Warm weather and a new link to Scandinavia lowered electricity prices in the Baltic States
    This time, the market overview presents a summary of how average prices in the Estonian market area, registering EUR 200 as recently as last January, have dropped to EUR 28.28 per megawatt hour and of how much the NordBalt cable between Sweden and Lithuania, stably on the market for the first time, has lowered electricity prices in Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Cold weather causes electricity prices to rise
    In terms of the energy market, this year has gotten off to quite a remarkable start. One example are the unusually high prices in the Estonian market area is one of the examples, which were last seen at the same level in October 2014. It is worth mentioning that last month, the hourly price of electricity reached EUR 100 during 20 hours and exceeded the EUR 200 level during three hours, but in Latvia and Lithuania even during 14 hours. In this market overview, we take a look at how and why these price increases occurred.

  • This market overview includes a summary of last year's trends and shifts on the energy markets. We will analyse the significant price-drop on the energy market and reasons thereof, consider the decline of crude oil and of the Euro, and look ahead to what this year will bring on the world's energy markets. The customer section features RETAL Lithuania, a major producer of reusable PET-packaging, discussing with us their strategy for purchasing electric energy.

  • In November, electricity prices increased in Sweden and Norway but decreased in Finland and the Baltic states
    In this market overview, we explain the changes in electricity exchange prices, talk about the state of the oil market and provide our readers with information about important news from the Baltic energy markets.

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