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High-speed Internet by Enefit has reached 10,000 people of the future


Today's life is rather difficult without the Internet, quite impossible to imagine. There are more and more devices and applications that require an Internet connection. In order for the telecommunications network to withstand the growing load, a connection based on optical cables is the best choice. 10,000 high-speed Internet customers of Enefit have already decided in favour of it.

High-speed Internet – what is it?

In plain language, high-speed Internet means that you can turn on all the screens that display a moving image at the same time, be it mobile phones, TVs, computers. If in a normal situation, the image of some devices may freeze or become blurry, this does not happen with high-speed Internet. In addition, you can play computer games in real time at the same time.

If we go more technical, it is a telecommunications service that guarantees a download speed of 1 Gbit/s at all times. The communications network with such a high capacity is entirely based on optical cables or technology of similar quality.

Why, if my current connection works?

Primarily because of future-proofness. The general trend is that all applications demand more and more data and higher speeds. The amount of data consumed will double in the next 2-3 years.

The question is not about whether you need high-speed Internet, but when.

Why Enefit?

Enefit Connect is building a network based on fiber optic cables that is the fastest and most limitless solution both today and in the future.

Enefit's network is neutral, meaning that the customer can choose a suitable Internet and TV service provider, we do not prescribe it. Here we can make a comparison with the electricity network where the cables and switchboard have been installed, but we buy electricity from a suitable energy seller.

The more service providers, the better for the customers. They can select from a range of competing products and service providers, exactly what is right for them in terms of price or other conditions.

It takes up to eight months to complete the network, can't it be done faster?

This may seem like a long period, considering how quickly the parts of the network visible to customers and related to their home connection are completed. We are building the entire network from scratch, so there are many hidden activities in the background: planning, designing and obtaining approvals, connecting the network to the base network, laying and connecting optical fibers, etc.

In addition, it is wise to build as much as possible in one area at once, rather than spending resources on individual jobs in different areas.

But there is also an economic side.

Everything we build is related to finances. The more dispersed the settlement we go, the higher the investment per consumer. We have to ensure that the deposited money has consumers to use the network. Some of the investments are covered by state subsidies, and the pace largely depends on the amount of subsidies provided.

Why does the state support this project?

Building telecommunication networks is expensive, and communication companies develop them based mainly on business interests. This means that in rural and sparsely populated areas, a high-speed and high-quality internet connection may not be available. The state supports the establishment of connections in these areas.

Enefit Connect wishes to support the development of Estonia's digital state, so that even more people have access to high-speed Internet and the opportunity to choose a suitable service provider.

One thing is certain – Enefit's high-speed Internet leaves choppy images to the past. But the future comes with high-speed Internet!

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