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5+1 reasons to choose the Fixed Plus electricity package


Fixed Plus is a unique electricity package that supplies you with green energy produced in Enefit Green's wind farms. In addition, you can be sure that the agreed price of electricity doesn’t change within seven years.

Although a seven-year period may seem too unpredictable at first, electricity market forecasts say the opposite. Today's world is full of uncertainty, and the price of electricity will continue to jump. Fixed Plus hedges potential price risks and provides long-term security.

We recommend Fixed Plus because:


you only consume electricity generated in wind farms and therefore make a choice for a cleaner future;


you lock in the price of electricity for seven years;


you can plan your household expenses in advance;


you are protected against electricity price fluctuations;


you secure a price ceiling for electricity when state subsidies end.

Finally. The more people choose Fixed Plus, the more we can invest in local wind farms. The more we invest, the more independent we are from other electricity producers. The more renewable energy we produce ourselves, the cheaper the price of electricity. The cheaper the price of electricity, the happier Estonian people are.

You can conveniently sign up for the Fixed Plus package in our e-service.

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Updated: 13.09.2022