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Extend the life of your air source heat pump with these simple steps
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A high-quality and skillfully installed air source heat pump requires little maintenance and can last for 10-15 years. However, the device should be inspected from time to time to ensure that it does not become an excessive electricity consumer with reduced heating capacity.

Air-to-air heat pump

  • Clean your air source heat pump filter once a month. The filter traps dust in the air, and if it accumulates too much, the heat output of the pump will decrease and electricity consumption will increase. A dusty filter is also a good breeding ground for bacteria which is re-circulated.

    Cleaning the air source heat pump filter is easy and only takes a few minutes. The easiest way is to use a vacuum cleaner's small nozzle. If the filter has not been cleaned for a while or is very dusty, it can be washed gently. The filter must be allowed to dry thoroughly before reinstallation.

    Your heat pump installer or maintainer can show you how to clean the filter. Tutorial videos are also available online.

  • Have your air source heat pump inspected by a specialist once a year. The exact operation of routine maintenance depends on the service provider, but generally includes heat exchanger, fan and duct cleaning, dust filter cleaning, refrigerant inspection, and assessment of the general condition of the unit. Make sure that the service provider issues a certificate confirming the maintenance work. An air source heat pump purchased from Eesti Energia may only be serviced by their contractual partner, otherwise the unit will lose its five-year warranty.

    If the heat pump is only used for heating, maintenance could be carried out before the start of the winter. If the unit is also used as a cooler during the summer, maintenance could be done in the spring.

    A properly maintained air source heat pump lasts longer and operates in a mode where there is a balance between heating capacity and electricity consumption. However, it should be noted that the efficiency of older devices decreases over time.

    Eesti Energia offers full-service rental of air source heat pumps as a particularly convenient solution, meaning that an air source heat pump that meets the needs of your home is installed for a fixed monthly fee. Maintenance and record-keeping are taken care of by our specialists, all necessary repairs are free of charge, and after five years of service, the device will be replaced with a new one. In summary, full service has all costs from the purchase of the device to its maintenance and replacement included in a monthly fee.

  • Occasionally, make sure that the airflow is unobstructed. Also make sure that the condensate drains of the outdoor unit remain clean. To prevent clogging of the ducts, the cooling function of the air source heat pump must be used at least a few times a year.
  • Switch off your air source heat pump and cover it if necessary when carrying out repairs, demolition work or other dusty activities at home.
  • One more simple tip. This does not extend the life of your air source heat pump but reduces its environmental footprint. By choosing Green Energy, you will be powering your air conditioner with energy from renewable sources only.

    Eesti Energia's specialists will help you find a suitable maintenance partner and support you in other technical matters as well. Contact us by phone 777 4040 or by e-mail [email protected].

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