Estonian Health Tracks Foundation earns International Olympic Committee award

At the Stars of the Sporting Year gala evening that was held yesterday (27 December) the Estonian Health Tracks Foundation received the International Olympic Committee's Sport and Environment Award. The Estonian Health Tracks Foundation was established by three companies – Merko Ehitus, Eesti Energia and Swedbank – to ensure that everyone in Estonia has year-round opportunities for pursuit of free-of-charge health sports.

"This award is a great recognition of our efforts," said Jaak Teppan, Head of the Estonian Health Tracks Foundation. "The foundation's activities have been very purpose-oriented and by today the number of health tracks in Estonia has increased almost threefold compared to the time when we started our work," commented Teppan on the achievements in this joint undertaking. "The award from the International Olympic Committee also clearly demonstrates that companies in Estonia can effectively cooperate to implement large-scale socially significant projects."

All over Estonia there are some 90 health tracks, equally suited for top athletes and amateurs pursuing sports for health reasons. These tracks total about 750 kilometres, they are tidy and mostly lit, too. The residents have welcomed the creation of such health tracks, with more than 75 thousand weekly visits all year round, i.e. approximately 4 million visits per year.

"The award also goes out to all those who maintain the health tracks across Estonia on a daily basis. The award is also a testament to the contributions of local authorities to the health tracks project. Furthermore, would like to thank the Estonian Ski Association and the Ministry of Culture, which initiated this development project," Teppan said, mentioning the partners.

The Estonian health tracks development project was proposed by Merko Ehitus, Eesti Energia and Swedbank for the purpose of creating and updating health tracks and nature-based sports centres in Estonia. The joint undertaking strives to support development of health tracks in Estonia so that everybody interested could jog and hike all year round without having to pay for the privilege.

From 2004-2012 a sum total of 23 million euros has been invested into health tracks development. The contributors have been the Estonian Health Tracks Foundation, local authorities, the Ministry of Culture and the European Union.

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