On Oil Shale Day, a test drive powered by diesel fuel oil produced from Eesti Energia's shale oil

Eesti Energia's 11th Oil Shale Day, held in Jõhvi today, focussed on new mining technologies and the production of liquid fuels. The fact that liquid fuel produced from oil shale is a reality was also demonstrated by the first drive powered by diesel fuel oil produced from Eesti Energia's shale oil.

Today's test drive confirmed that diesel fuel oil produced from shale oil has good properties and is able to compete with car fuels produced on the basis of crude oil.

According to Harri Mikk, Director of the Fuels Business Division at Eesti Energia, the use of oil shale is clearly trending toward products with a higher added value. "Today, we have 600 litres of car fuel meeting present-day fuel standards. By 2016, we are planning to expand our production and produce liquid fuels on a scale capable of supplying all of Estonia's need."

"When it comes to oil shale mining, it is the long tradition and history that are often emphasised above all else. For us, oil shale is a mineral resource of the future," Sandor Liive, CEO of Eesti Energia, said in his keynote address on Oil Shale Day.

In the field of oil shale mining technology, Estonia's is already at the global level. "The hardware and technology we are using in the Estonia mine and Narva pit are a selection of the best, adapted to precisely suit the conditions in our parts," Veljo Aleksandrov, Chairman of the Board at Eesti Energia Kaevandused, affirmed. According to Mr Aleksandrov, improved efficiency cannot be pursued at the expense of the environment or working conditions, and this is meant about both the mines today and those to be constructed in the future.

On Oil Shale Day, another crop of up-and-coming mining professionals were handed scholarships from Eesti Energia Kaevandused. Scholarships were awarded to Raul Roots, Kaspar Peebo and Sander Sööt, students at the Department of Mining at the Tallinn University of Technology.

The next, 12th, Oil Shale Day will be held in the autumn of 2012.

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