Harri Mikk, Member of the Board of Enefit decided to resign from his post

On Thursday, 20th of December Harri Mikk, Member of the Board of Enefit and the Head of Enefit Oil, Minerals and Mining submitted its resignation notice that was approved by the Board. Harri Mikk's last day of duty in Enefit will be December 31, 2012.

"This decision has been given a long thought. The launch of Enefit280 Oil Plant marked the end of an important stage in Enefit for me and now is the right time to give a chance to others as well," said Harri Mikk. "Enefit has enough people whose experience and knowledge enable to finish the already started oil shale projects," he confirmed.

"Enefit and the people working for it have a potential to do things that are not only important to Estonia but to the whole world. I would like to thank my team and wish them strength in reaching the targets set earlier," said Harri Mikk.

Jüri Käo, Member of the Board of Enefit said that Harri Mikk´s longstanding work as the leader of Enefit Oil and Mining is highly appreciated. Jüri Käo acknowledged the development of the Oil and Mining department: "First oil from the new Enefit plant is a sign that Enefit is stepping into a new era in the fuel business." He added that no further steps have been decided about choosing the new member of the Management Board. "It is clear that the targets have been set and work towards them continues," added Käo.

Harri Mikk has worked 11 years in Enefit, he was a member of the Management Board and Head of Oil, Minerals and Mining from 2006. Under his management Enefit expanded its domestic oil shale production, completed the new generation Enefit280 oil plant and prepared and developed international oil shale projects in Jordan and Utah, USA.

In addition to the CEO, Sandor Liive, Enefit Management Board also includes Raine Pajo, Head of Power and Heat Production, Margus Rink, Head of Retail Business and Margus Kaasik, the CFO.

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