The energy trading of Eesti Energia is focusing to Estonia

In the recent years, the changed circumstances on the regional electricity market have enabled the Energy Trading Business Unit of Eesti Energia to manage its energy portfolio as well develop its services from Estonia. Under those conditions, Eesti Energia sees the need to restructure the activities of its Finnish subsidiary, Solidus OY.

"Five years ago realised the Estlink connection with Finland. To operate and create value on that market we needed to acquire a company that would have a deep knowledge of the Nordic market and its energy trading. Through operating Solidus, Eesti Energia gained access to NordPool as well the knowledge and experience to manage its energy portfolio in the Baltics. Today, due to the expansion of the market, Eesti Energia is a member of NordPool, and based on the previous experience in the Nordics we have been able to create the energy trading business unit in Estonia," said the director of Eesti Energia Energy Trading Business Unit Margus Vals. "Based in Estonia, our business unit has already for several years now effectively managed its energy portfolio and the coming Estlink2 as well other possible connections will strengthen our position here."

Solidus OY operates on the Nordic electricity markets as a member of Nordpool managing electricity portfolios for its clients and offering consultation and expert services related to operating on the electricity market and managing risks.

Solidus OY was founded in 2005 and from 2006 the company is 100% owned by Eesti Energia.