Eesti Energia has already issued energy labels to 1000 buildings

Last week Eesti Energia issued its one-thousandth energy label to an apartment building in Põhja-Tallinn. The energy use analysis showed that the building meets the requirements for energy class "E", meaning that the building has great potential for improving its energy efficiency.

An energy label shows the level of energy consumption in the building per square metre, from which the building's energy class can be calculated. In order to determine the level of energy consumption, the daily volume of energy consumed is analysed. First of all, analysis is made of the energy consumed as electricity and heating power and of the energy used to heat the water. In this way the energy class indicates the level of energy consumption of the entire building.

The highest energy class is "A" and the lowest is "H", or "G" for residential houses. The higher the energy class, the lower the building's energy consumption level, and the cheaper the building is for its residents to live in.

In Estonia energy labels have already been issued to more than 5200 buildings, 3900 of which are apartment buildings.

"Today, any new apartment building must be rated at least energy class "C", and any completely renovated apartment building must be rated energy class "D". The labels issued so far show, however, that over 60% of apartment buildings are in class "E" or lower. Renovating such buildings would achieve significant savings of energy and money" says Marja-Liisa Alop, Eesti Energia's energy saving project manager, explaining the meaning of the data in the Buildings Registry.

"Interest is constantly growing among housing associations in obtaining energy labels. Approximately 70% of the population lives in apartment buildings, and today an energy label is required for any sale or rent transaction" says Alop. "The energy class allows you to calculate instantly the cost of living in a particular house".

Only around 8% of apartment buildings today meet the requirements for a high energy class "A", "B" or "C". Many of these are completely new buildings.

An energy label is mandatory for all new or completely renovated buildings and for apartments that are to be sold or rented out. An energy label is also required for large public buildings. It is possible to examine the energy labels that have been issued on the Buildings Registry website at

Eesti Energia started issuing energy labels in June 2009. You can order your energy label from the Eesti Energia website.

Marina Bachmann
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