Over 100 young specialists vie for scholarship in field of oil shale processing

Last October, Eesti Energia Oil and Gas introduced a scholarship for young specialists in the field intended for supporting their studies in a college or university either at home or abroad. The first stage of the competition showed that interest from younger segment in oil shale processing and liquid fuel production was high; over 100 young specialists submitted applications.

Eesti Energia will assist up to six talented university students or already employed specialists acquire knowledge of liquid fuel refining technologies from a university abroad. After they complete their studies, Eesti Energia will await their return to put their expertise to work for the company in developing unique liquid fuels production system.

"I am glad to see that developing liquid fuels production in Estonia is a highly valued idea," said head of Eesti Energia's youth programs and recruitment, Maris Kadakas. "Young people have noticed that we are active in the international arena and naturally they are proud of the fact that our oil shale processing technology is meeting with interest all over the world," says Kadakas. The high level of interest in Eesti Energia's scholarship programme shows that production of liquid fuels from oil shale has good future prospects both in Estonia and in the world as a whole.

Bachelor's degree students studying chemistry were candidates for the scholarship, and cooperation partners are universities in Canada and Great Britain. The final recipients have not emerged as currently conversations are ongoing with those who reached the final round. The first agreements with successful candidates will be signed in the spring.

Eesti Energia plans to send the recipients to study in 2012 and 2013 as well. It is recommended for those interested to contact Eesti Energia this spring or summer so that they can become candidates for 2012 early on.

Besides cooperation with foreign universities, Eesti Energia is engaging in close cooperation with Estonian educational institutions as well. For instance, in 2009, a new field was opened in Tallinn University of Technology's Viru College – "Fuels technology". At the moment, a master's degree programme is being developed at the College – "Fuels chemistry and technology", and the preparation of the curriculum is taking place in cooperation with specialists from Eesti Energia. In future, we hope to find young specialists for Eesti Energia's developing oil industry from among the ranks of graduates in these fields. Eesti Energia's goal is to establish a domestic liquid fuels production by 2016, adding up to 350 new jobs to the division.

Marina Bachmann
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