Next stage begins in construction of Eesti Energia's new oil plant

Construction of Eesti Energia's new oil plant, which runs on the proprietary Enefit-280 technology, has reached the phase in which the metal frame will be erected and equipment is being installed. The first part of the system to be installed at the heart of the plant is the retort, which was designed and manufactured by Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatööstus.

Eesti Energia CEO Sandor Liive says the completion of the retort – the heart of the operations – is a key phase in the construction of the new plant. "Completion of the 170-tonne, 18-metre-long piece of equipment at the Eesti Energia Tehnoloogitööstus confirms that Estonia has sufficient competence and experience for manufacturing large-scale and sophisticated technological equipment," he said.

"In a situation in which the world's superpowers are becoming aware of the potential vested in oil shale and shale-based liquid fuels, we are already several steps ahead. We have a working industrial plant, the best possible technology, and soon we will have a new-generation oil plant," said Liive.

Today, Eesti Energia Oil and Gas produces 1.4 million barrels of various liquid fuels, and the new oil plant will add close to 2 million barrels to this amount. In a year, the new oil plant uses 2.26 million tonnes of oil shale to produce not only liquid fuel but 75 million m³ of retort gas, which will be harnessed to generate electricity. In addition, a 35 MW steam turbine for generating power is integrated with the plant, and it makes use of the residual heat generated in the oil production process. The total cost of the new oil plant is close to 200 million euros, and today contracts have been signed for covering 150 million euros of that cost. The plant will employ 80 people, above all people living in Ida-Viru County.

The construction site at what will be the automatic liquid fuels loading centre servicing the new Enefit-280 plant is currently teeming with activity. The oil plant's turbine hall and substation are also moving from design development to construction phase, and the cooling water conduits are starting to be established. The roads between the plant and the sites that provide service to it are also being renovated. At the moment, construction work in the Enefit-280 areas is being performed by Skanska EMV, YIT AS, Merko Ehitus AS and Kohimo AS.

In six months, the foundation of the new oil plant has been completed and the base for the retort at the centre of the 26-metre high plant has been built. The transport of the oversize retort from Jõhvi to Auvere will begin on the evening of 29 October and take up to two days. Installation of the retort is planned for 1 November.

Eesti Energia took the decision to expand the current oil plant operation in May 2009, and the work began a year later. The plant to be established will be ready in 2012 and it will use the more environmentally-friendly, reliable and powerful Enefit technology, developed in cooperation between Eesti Energia and the international engineering firm Outotec.

The construction of the new oil plant is an important step taken by Eesti Energia toward establishing an Estonian industry engaged in the production of high-quality liquid fuels. By 2016, Eesti Energia plans to develop an oil shale liquid fuels production complex that produces fuels which are of a higher quality than the shale oil produced today and which meet current motor fuel standards.

Marina Bachmann
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