Eesti Energia and VKG to exchange mining licenses

Subject to the agreement signed today between Eesti Energia Kaevandused AS and Viru Keemia Grupp AS the companies exchange their mining licenses issued for Usnova (Narva II) and Sompa mines. The exchange of licenses allows the companies to use the mines located in their production neighbourhood thus allowing considerable cost saving.

The mining rights of the companies remain on the same level, which for Eesti Energia Kaevandused is 15.01 million tonnes.

Eesti Energia Kaevandused is an Eesti Energia Group company employing approximately 3,000 employees and focusing on mining oil shale to supply the electricity and oil industries with fuel and raw materials. The company has four mines, two underground and two opencast, and a rail transport unit.

Ettevõtete aastased lubatud kaevandamismäärad lubade vahetusest ei muutu. VKG-l on see 2,77 miljonit tonni, Eesti Energia Kaevandustel 15,01 miljonit tonni.