Eesti Energia Kaevandused head Ilmar Jõgi steps down

Ilmar Jõgi will resign his post as Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia Kaevandused AS on 23 August, when his contract expires. After three years at the post, he will pursue new challenges.

"Ilmar Jõgi was in charge of Eesti Energia Kaevandused during a complicated period when a number of innovations were introduced in the company," said Eesti Energia CEO Sandor Liive.

Under Jõgi's command, the Eesti Energia Kaevandused organization and procedures were streamlined, the Estonia mine's crushed stone complex was opened and the recovery of mine waste was increased. Jõgi's productive work as the company's executive is also attested to by the excellent results posted by Eesti Energia Kaevandused last year.

"I acknowledge the work Jõgi did as Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia Kaevandused and wish him success in his new endeavours," said Liive.

The Supervisory Board of Eesti Energia Kaevandused will convene in the coming weeks to appoint a new executive. Until that, Manufacturing Director and Member of the Management Board Erik Väli will shoulder the responsibilities of chairman of the management board.

Eesti Energia Kaevandused is part of the Eesti Energia Group and is engaged in the sustainable mining of oil shale reserves for the purpose of supplying power and oil producers with fuel and raw material. The company has four mines and a railway transport unit. Eesti Energia Kaevandused employs a workforce of 2,961.

Marina Bachmann
Press officer
Eesti Energia AS
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