Eesti Energia Oil & Gas produces over 200 thousand metric tons of shale oil

The 12-month shale oil output for Eesti Energia Oil & Gas broke the 200 thousand ton mark for the first time in late April, the outcome of an increase in the efficiency and high reliability of the two Enefit140 production systems.

"We have supplemented our existing production equipment and the output figures have nearly doubled in the last four years," said the chairman of the Eesti Energia Oil & Gas management board Igor Kond.

Kond said that development had succeeded in significantly increasing the online time of the plant, which had been only around 45 per cent prior to the improvements. Now it is close to 80 per cent. We have thus exceeded the initial as-built capacity of the plant which was 75 per cent," said Kond. "The impeccable functioning and low downtime were possible above all due to effective development of the engineering and technical personnel," said Kond.

Annually, Oil & Gas uses the two Enefit140 devices to refine around 1.6 million tons of oil shale and produce various shale oil fractions. About 50 per cent of the output is exported and used as liquid fuel components. Local consumers use shale oil above all in boiler plants and small power plants to produce heat and power as well as in agriculture and road construction.

In May of last year the enterprise started building a new Enefit280 plant, which will be completed in February 2012, followed by a launch period. The new Enefit280 technology driven shale oil plant will go online in August 2012 and employ 80 people.

One Enefit280 plant will add capacity to produce an additional approximately 2 million barrels of shale oil and 75 million m³ of retort gas. A 35 MW steam-driven turbine is integrated with the plant and uses residual heat to generate electricity. The plant, which will process 2.26 million tons of oil shale a year will use a more environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient technology developed in cooperation with Eesti Energia and the international engineering firm Outotec.

Marina Bachmann
Press Officer
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