Cornerstone Laid by Eesti Energia and the CNIM Group for the Waste-to-Energy unit at Iru Power Plant

Today, Eesti Energia and the CNIM Group marked with their partners the construction of the Waste-to-Energy unit at Iru Power Plant with the laying of the cornerstone. The construction of the new power unit as an expansion of the existing power plant began in autumn 2010. The new unit will be launched in 2013.

The new heat and power co-generation unit will be delivered as a turnkey solution by CNIM with an investment of approximately 100 M€. The civil construction works are carried out by Estonian construction company Merko Ehitus, the grate will be delivered by Martin GmbH and flu gas treatment system by CNIM subsidiary LAB.

The thermal energy capacity of the new power unit will be 50 MW and the power capacity 17 MW. This will complement the existing capacities at Iru Power Plant, that is 648 MW of heat and 190 MW of electricity.

The new unit will be able to reuse up to an annual 220,000 tons of municipal waste that remains after sorting as well as similar construction and industrial waste.

"Although waste contains as much energy as oil shale, today a large share of waste still ends up in landfills in Estonia. I am glad to announce that in two years, Iru Power Plant will start to recover a significant quantity of the waste generated domestically on an everyday basis. Eesti Energia will remarkably change the value and meaning of waste in Estonia – it will become a valuable substance. Hereby I want to recognize our partners in waste management as well local municipalities who have also chosen the path of change," said Sandor Liive, CEO of Eesti Energia. "Using waste as energy source will lessen environmental impacts considerably, while offering us the opportunity to generate heat and power using domestic fuel available at a stable price. Our Waste-to-Energy unit will help to reduce the waste collection fees and offer a more stable and lower heat price in the future, while our electricity market will gain a new modern effective co-generation unit."

"The CNIM Group is particularly pleased to build one of the highest efficiency achieved in European for Eesti Energia. Technologies for waste treatment developed by the Group CNIM can provide proven solutions in an ongoing respect for the environment. The construction demonstrates the enormous trust our client places in the CNIM Group and demonstrate their strong commitment to a sustainable development approach," said Stefano Costa, Member of the Management Board of CNIM. "This plant will be designed with the most advanced technologies for the combustion and energy conversion systems as well as the flue gas cleaning system. CNIM together with his historical German technology partner Martin GmbH will provide the most reliable and the highest performing combustion equipment. The air pollution control is based on the latest standards and is designed to comply with emissions below the limits established by the European Legislation."

The mass waste combustion systems that are most common in commercial use transform about 85% of the energy contained in waste into electricity and heat. A Waste-to-Energy unit that runs on technology similar to that of Iru will soon be completed in the Finnish capital Helsinki. This technology is also the most common solution in Sweden and Denmark, and there are over 400 such plants altogether in Europe.

For more information about the new Waste-to-Energy unit, please visit Eesti Energia website.

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