The biggest candle producer in the Baltic's will start buying wind energy from Eesti Energia

Enefit, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, concluded the first Green Energy contract in Latvia with Baltic Candles Ltd., the biggest candle producer in the Baltics. Since the company's production plant will from now on use only environmentally friendly wind energy, it will keep the amount of carbon dioxide equal to the exhaust produced by almost 790 cars from being released into the atmosphere.

"Latvia still produces very little wind energy and therefore wind power is perceived less as an alternative and environmentally friendly source of energy than in Estonia, for instance, where wind energy production is more common, and therefore the clients are more aware of it. Green Energy from Enefit is the only power product in Latvia that allows clients to buy 100% environmentally friendly energy. Since Latvians also wish to use more environmentally friendly products and services, Baltic Candles will certainly not remain the only Green Energy client in Latvia", said Aivar Tihane, Eesti Energia Manager for the Latvian and Lithuanian markets.

Jens Thorup Thogersen, the owner and manager of the Danish founded Baltic Candles Ltd., said that the first batches of candles bearing the Green Energy label have already been shipped out to European clients. "We produce candles from natural materials, our production processes and production technologies are clean, and from now on so is the energy that we use. The candles produces by Baltic Candles already bear the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We believe that our clients, who place great value on a clean environment and good design, will welcome the Green Energy label, which means that our products have been produced using wind energy", said Thogersen.

With the concluded two-year contract Baltic Candles will buy 2500 MWh of wind energy per year from Enefit. As a result, 2800 tonnes of CO2 will not be released into the atmosphere, which is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions produced by almost 790 cars.

Baltic Candles is the largest producer of designer candles in the Baltic's and one of the biggest candle producers in Europe. The company's plant is located 70 kilometres from Riga, in the city of Dobele, and nearly all of the candles that are produced there get exported. The company markets its products all over Europe, but holds the biggest market share in the Nordic countries. Baltic Candles was one of the first companies to be awarded the famous Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Eesti Energia and Enefit can guarantee to all Green Energy clients that the amount of environmentally friendly renewable energy produced each year has been proportionate to their required energy consumption. This promise to the clients was also confirmed with an independent auditor's report.

Reimo Raja
Eesti Energia Press Officer
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