Enefit Technology Industries became the representative of Elex in the Baltics

Swiss engineering company Elex AG and Enefit Technology Industries signed a cooperation agreement, which makes the subsidiary of Enefit the sole representative of Elex technology in all three Baltic States. Elex is a company offering modern technologies for reducing the environmental impact of industries and has been active on this market for more than half a century.

"We are very proud to be a partner of Enefit. Together we are able to provide top-efficient flue-gas cleaning systems on a local Baltic base," said Elex` General Manager Ulrich Leibacher.

"Providing environmentally friendly solutions for industries is a part of our long-term strategy." said Martti Kork, Chairman of the Management Board of Enefit Technology Industries. "Cooperation with Elex gives us an opportunity to provide world-class environmental technology on a rapidly growing market," he explained. The agreement also does not rule out joint activities outside of the Baltics.

Cooperation between these two enterprises began a year ago, when Enefit Technology Industries built and installed an electrostatic precipitator employing Elex technology in the Enefit140 production unit of Enefit Oil and Gas and the new Enefit280 unit.

Enefit Technology Industries, operating internationally under the trade mark of Enefit, provides a wide range of technological design solutions in the field of energetics and industry. The service packet includes designing, technology selection and manufacturing, as well as maintenance of the installed devices. The enterprise, mostly focused on the development of technological solutions for power stations and oil plants, provides jobs for more than 1300 people in Ida-Viru County. ELEX is a Swiss family business with long-standing traditions.

Electrostatic precipitators based on the technology developed by ELEX have been installed in more than 7000 industrial objects across the world. Since development is considered highly important, a majority of the almost one hundred employees at ELEX are engineers.

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