Enefit increases the liquid fuel loading capacity in Estonia

Enefit Oil and Gas implements new tank car loading terminal with a daily capacity up to 3600 tons of liquid fuels. The terminal enables to provide the clients with a quality service quicker due to shorter loading times and more accurate loading amounts. Total 3.8 million euros were invested in the liquid fuels railway loading terminal.

The new terminal enables to load approximately 2000 litres liquid fuel in a minute. It takes about 40 minutes to fill up a 60 ton tank car. Thanks to the automatic loading system tank cars will be filled with an accuracy of 1 litre. The modern technology assures that the loading process is safe and environmental risks are managed.

"The developing of the industry must be comprehensive and together with the oil plant the service units have to be updated," said Igor Kond Chairman of the Board of Enefit Oil and Gas. The railway loading terminal supplements the car loading intersection. "As a result of these two modernisations our loading capacity has increased many times and corresponds to the needs of the developing oil industry," he assured.

The railway loading terminal is equipped with a multi-level protective system as well as with a fire control system specially designed for liquid fuel production units.

The railway- and car loading terminal together with the new joint oil shale storage unit will serve the current electricity and oil production as well as the future increasing production capacities. Near the energy facilities there is a joint oil shale storage unit that holds two months reserves – up to 1 million tons of oil shale. In August the laboratory of the oil industry, which role and team are growing together with the development of the industry, also got new working premises.

By 2016 Enefit plans to develop liquid fuel production from oil shale in an extent that covers Estonian needs and leaves room for export. With a daily production rate up to 22,000 barrels the industry plans to produce motor fuel meeting current quality requirements. The production in such volumes would directly employ approximately half a thousand Viru county residents.

Eliis Vennik
Eesti Energia
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