Estonians would prefer local motor fuel

A survey conducted by TNS Emor indicates that 65% of Estonians would prefer motor fuel manufactured from local, Estonian raw material.

A majority, i.e., 84% of the people who participated in the poll see a need to develop the local oil shale industry for economic reasons. The same number of respondents supported the idea that Eesti Energia should earn money for Estonia when developing oil shale projects in other countries. Just a year ago, this indicator was 76%.

According to Igor Kond, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Energia Õlitööstus, the survey shows that support for the manufacture of liquid fuels from oil shale grows hand in hand with improving awareness. "Eesti Energia is having a breakthrough in manufacturing liquid fuels from oil shale in Estonia; in the autumn we should have the first oil from our Enefit280 oil plant that operates on new generation technology and in future motor fuel suitable for cars can be made from oil shale. We have performed the first tests that prove the quality of the diesel," Igor Kond commented on the results of test drives.

Not unlike oil shale energetics generally, support for the manufacture of liquid fuel from oil shale is higher, the more aware the respondents are of the investments that have been made. Of the informed respondents, 73% said that they support further development and expansion to manufacture liquid fuels from oil shale.

Today Eesti Energia manufactures liquid fuels in two Enefit140 production blocks with annual output of around one million barrels. The first new Enefit280 oil plant, which is in the process of hot startup, will double the production volumes. By 2016, Eesti Energia plans to commission two additional Enefit280 oil plants and an after-treatment plant which, together with today's production capacities, would cover the need for liquid fuels of the whole of Estonia and enable manufacture of high-quality diesel suitable to be used as motor fuel. Eesti Energia Õlitööstus today employs more than 300 people in East-Viru County, expansion of the production would raise the number of jobs to five hundred.

One thousand randomly chosen people aged between 15 and 74 years participated in the survey of TNS Emor, commissioned by Eesti Energia, which was completed in June.

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