What to remember when submitting your May reading

We recommend all our customers to submit their May reading through Eesti Energia Interactive. This is a safe and easy-to-use channel where we can also issue your bills more quickly since the readings reach our information system automatically.

We have made submitting readings through Eesti Energia Interactive more convenient, so you now have six days to submit your readings instead of three. This means you can submit your May reading between 29 May and 3 June. The six day period for submitting readings – the last three days of the month and the first three days of the following month – will also apply in Eesti Energia Interactive during the following periods. Only customers who submit their readings through Eesti Energia Interactive can take advantage of the longer period for submitting readings.

If you want to, you can authorise someone to submit your meter readings for you through Eesti Energia Interactive. You can give authorisation through the Eesti Energia Interactive settings page or you can send the letter of authorisation by email or by post.
Please submit your reading only once and through one channel because the reading will reach us after the first submission. You do not necessarily have to submit your reading every month. If you have been submitting your readings to a schedule other than monthly, then this will continue.
Submit your reading only once a year – choose regular fixed payments.

Before entering the reading please make sure that it is correct. The most common mistakes in the readings are that the decimal point is in the wrong place or that the wrong number of digits is given in the reading. Eesti Energia will not issue a bill based on a reading that has been entered incorrectly, because the bill might also be incorrect. If there is a mistake in the meter reading, Eesti Energia will estimate the electricity consumed using the 12-month record of electricity consumption.

Eesti Energia Interactive is not just a channel for submitting readings. It is an environment where you can switch to another price plan, sign contracts, give authorisations and much more. We are constantly developing Eesti Energia Interactive and will add new products and services in the near future.

Although we are already providing services to customers through the new Eesti Energia Interactive, the final tuning of the Customer Information System will take some time. This means that there might be short disruptions in Eesti Energia Interactive during the next couple of months. We apologise for any inconvenience. All problems will be solved as soon as possible.