The most popular pages in our e-service have been updated

We have updated the most frequently visited pages in our e-service and added some new features. Now you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions with the help of our online customer support.

Main page

Your usual reason for visiting our e-service is probably to submit your readings. Now you can view your previous reading when you submit your reading on our main page. After you have entered your new reading, the amount of electricity consumed will automatically be displayed so that you can make sure that you have entered the correct reading.

Readings and bills page

After you have entered your new meter reading on the readings page then, like the main page, it will also display the number of kilowatts of electricity you consumed during the previous reading period. This way you can make sure that you have entered the correct reading and it corresponds to your actual consumption. If you do not wish to submit readings every month, then you can choose flexible submission of meter readings, submit your reading once a year and pay your bills from a standard consumption schedule. After you have ordered the flexible submission of readings on the readings page, you can immediately see the standard consumption schedules we have to offer for your place of consumption. We will adjust the bill once a year to match your actual consumption.

We have updated the layout of the bills page so you can now see and manage important data more simply.

E-service customer support

So that you don't need to call our customer support line 1545 you can find answers to your questions from our e-service customer support. We have collected the most frequently asked questions and added the answers and now you can use our search tool to find the answers to your questions quickly. Enter the word or phrase you are interested in in the search bar and the questions and answers that contain this word or phrase will be displayed. By typing in the first few letters of the word or phrase, a drop-down menu with possible choices will appear so that you do not have to think too hard about how to word your question. You can also select the best word or phrase from the list of words and phrases. When you have chosen or entered the word or phrase you are interested in, the first 20 links to questions containing these words will appear. Click "More questions" to see more results.