New options in Eesti Energia Interactive

Six months ago we launched our new Eesti Energia Interactive, which has since received a lot of positive feedback for its new design and structure. To make Eesti Energia

We have added a search engine
You can now find whatever you need from our system quickly and easily using the integrated Google search engine in Eesti Energia Interactive. You can search for words on our website and also in any of our documents on the internet.

Automatic news feed
You no longer have to visit our website if you want to know everything that is going on at Eesti Energia, because we have added an automatic RSS news feed. You can choose a news feed about the subject that is most important for you, whether that is residential customer news, business customer news, blogs, press releases, analyses, investor news or stock exchange news. The automatic news feed delivers you the news that you want automatically. It is a simple and easy way to keep yourself in the know.

All market overviews together in one place
There is a separate menu button for electricity market overviews in the Press Centre. These analyses give an exhaustive overview of how the electricity prices are set and of general developments in the electricity market.
  • The weekly electricity market overview is primarily intended for open market customers. The overview also covers how the electricity price has been set on the stock exchange.
  • The monthly electricity market overview is also intended for our open market customers. Every month Eesti Energia analysts give an overview that covers the most important developments and news from the previous month in the energy market.
  • The review of the divisions gives an overview of events and developments in Estonia and abroad that affect Eesti Energia, and is available for everyone. It is of particular interest to anyone who wants to know about the status of Eesti Energia. The review of the divisions is compiled once a month.
  • Price changes on the electricity market in real-time let you follow movements in the electricity price in real-time. You can also follow price movements dating back to when Estonia joined the electricity open market in April 2010. We can show electricity price movements in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland in real-time.