The Estonian power exchange has been in operation for six months, and is being renamed Estonia

The open market for electricity in Estonia started on 1 April 2010 under the name Estlink. On 1 October the exchange successfully completed six months of operation, and from this date the Estlink price area was renamed the Estonia price area. On the same day intra-day trading was started, allowing market participants to buy and sell amounts of energy up to one hour before they are needed.

What have we learned in these past six months?
The rates for each hour are very volatile and can peak at very high levels. To avoid dangerous price fluctuations and to permit better planning of production, it is advisable for market participants to fix all or part of their electricity price so as not to be dependent on the prices on the power exchange.

What can we expect in future?
In future the prices in the Estonia price area will be less likely to spike sharply, as the 350-MW Estlink cable will be completely available for the use of the exchange from mid-September. In the Helsinki area of Nord Pool, where the electricity price is affected most by the availability of hydro-energy, the 2011 contract for base energy supply in the Helsinki price area is currently trading at 46.9 €/MWh.

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