10 July – email address previously used to submit meter readings shut down

On 10 July we shut down the email address previously used to submit meter readings [email protected], and we kindly ask you to use Eesti Energia Interactive if you submit your readings online.

Submitting your readings at Eesti Energia Interactive is becoming more and more convenient: we have now extended the period for submitting the readings via this method from three to six days. So now you can submit your June readings from 28 June to 3 July. The six-day period for submitting the readings –last three days of the month and first three days of the following month – is an option available only to customers using Eesti Energia Interactive.

Nothing will change for customers who submit their readings according to a schedule other than monthly. Changing how you submit your readings will not affect our agreement with you on how often you submit your readings.

You may log into Eesti Energia Interactive by going to and clicking the Enter button. You may login with your ID card, Mobile ID or via your Internet bank. You will not be required to enter any information about the place of consumption indicated in your contract – this information is automatically there for each customer.

To enter Eesti Energia Interactive you will not always need to use your ID card, Mobile ID or your Internet bank. If you tick "Remember me", the system will remember you for a period of up to eight weeks. For more secure transactions, however, you may still need to identify yourself again.

Where necessary you may authorize a family member or a tenant to submit meter readings for you via Eesti Energia Interactive. The most convenient way to make such an authorization is through the "Settings" menu on Eesti Energia Interactive. You may also send us your authorization by email or by post. Download the authorization form here.

Besides Eesti Energia Interactive you may use other channels for submitting your meter readings by calling our short number 1545 or the meter reading line.