Tele2 to take over providing Kõu Internet service on 1 July

On 16 January, Eesti Energia entered into an agreement with Tele2 Eesti AS under which Tele2 will provide Kõu Internet service starting 1 July 2012. We will be notifying all Kõu customers personally regarding this change.

Up to 1 July there will be a transition period during which nothing will change for customers in the service, customer service or invoicing. If you have any questions, the Kõu customer service line at 715 0715 and e-mail centre at [email protected] will continue to be open for Kõu customers.

Prior to 1 July, all Kõu customers will be receiving more details from Tele2 regarding the new contact numbers, new billing details and any changes.

Tele2 has longstanding experience in the field of telecommunications and the company has good opportunities for developing Kõu service. We believe that Tele2 will be a good partner for Kõu customers in providing the Internet service.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you stay with Kõu.
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