Planning to save on electricity? Find your energy profile!

Our new energy profile will now tell you exactly where and how much you spend on electricity, water and heating. For instance, the profile will help to determine how your energy costs are distributed between lighting, home electronics, your refrigerator and other devices.

Also, the energy profile will let you know what part of the total cost of water heating expenses is formed by your laundry and dishwashing.

Different households will have a different distribution of energy costs, and of course, different energy saving recommendations will apply. Thus, the more accurate your energy profile, the better the overview of energy use in your home.

Another new feature is the added option of comparing energy profiles. Now, everyone who completes an energy profile can compare their results with those of others, and for example, limit the comparison to houses in the same district or to buildings of similar condition. You can find out how much similar homes spend on electricity, water and heating.

In order to complete, save and compare your energy profile, please log into our e-service.

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