A number of international companies show interest in Enefit power plant project in Jordan

Enefit, together with its partners YTL Power International Berhad of Malaysia and Near East Investments of Jordan, is pleased to announce that an substantial number of international construction companies have submitted their Confirmations of Interest for a tender that was issued in June 2012 to engineer, procure and construct the first oil shale fired power plant project to be established in Jordan.

Enefit and its partners have performed a short listing of the potential construction companies based on a detailed financial and technical evaluation of the Confirmations of Interest and are now continuing with the next stage of the tendering process with the aim of achieving the lowest and most competitive electricity tariff for Jordan.

His Excellency Bassam Kakish, President of Enefit Projects in Jordan, stated, "The new oil shale based power plant aims to provide Jordan with a cost-effective method of generating electricity and will deliver significant economic benefits to Jordan and its people. We are therefore looking for esteemed and qualified companies that are capable of engineering, procuring and constructing the new power plant that we plan to build in Jordan."

The tender process is expected to be completed by first quarter of 2013 and the construction is targeted to start by end of 2013 after the financing of the project has been achieved. The new power plant will have a capacity of approximately 460MW and will be located at the Attarat um Ghudran oil shale deposit 100km south east of Amman. The plant is due to come on line in 2017.

When complete, the power plant is expected to become an important element of Jordan's generation portfolio as it utilises 100% local indigenous fuel which will significantly improve the energy independence of the Kingdom. The plant is expected to reduce the Kingdom's expenditure on fuel imports by more than JD 350 million per year. In terms of employment, the project is expected to create 3,000 jobs during the construction stage and once operational, it is expected to create ca. 1,000 permanent jobs.