Estonia holds its first nuclear power conference

From October 9 to 10, Estonia is hosting, for the first time, the international nuclear power conference “Modern safe nuclear power - the management of nuclear power plants and waste management”.

“The use of nuclear power is a possible future scenario for Estonia and therefore we have invited renowned experts from all over the world to share their expertise and knowledge with us,” said Anto Raukas, Member of the Management Board of NPO Eesti Tuumajaam. “Modern nuclear power plants are efficient and safe. To convince yourself of that, you only have to visit the reactors supplying our next-door neighbour Finland with energy. The question of nuclear waste is also actively being dealt with, and there are several interesting solutions to that.”

The conference is taking place at the Tallinn University of Technology and participants include nuclear power experts from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, France, USA, and Japan.

The agenda at the conference is the possible role of nuclear energy in the energy development of Estonia until 2030, also being discussed are recent developments in the area of suitable small and medium sized reactors for small countries. The speakers will share their experiences regarding the closing of several different nuclear power plants and discuss questions related to nuclear waste disposal and storage. Find attached the conference programme.

The conference is taking place at the Tallinn University of Technology at Ehitajate tee 5, unit VI, auditorium 229. The event is open to all and free of charge, but we ask everyone to register in advance at [email protected].

The conference is organised by NPO Eesti Tuumajaam, Eesti Energia AS, Ben Energy OÜ, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of the Environment, Estonian Green Cross, Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.

NPO Eesti Tuumajaam was established in 2008 with the aim of informing the Estonian populace about the advantages and dangers involved in the construction of a nuclear power plant, and to promote a dialogue on the topic of an Estonian nuclear power plant.

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