Toomas Niinemäe steps down as head of combined heat and power generation field

Head of the combined generation field at Eesti Energia and head of Iru Power Plant Toomas Niinemäe will leave Eesti Energia effective 15 September. The company has launched a competitive call to find a new head.

Toomas Niinemäe has held various posts with different Eesti Energia companies since 1999. “The decision to take on a new challenge was made with a heavy heart, as I have over the years made my personal contribution to the development of the Group’s various companies as well as the team and I have come to have an emotional stake in how Eesti Energia is doing,” said Toomas Niinemäe, adding that the opportunity outside of EE will allow him to become richer in experience in his personal professional development.

According to Raine Pajo, the head of Eesti Energia's heat and power generation area, he values the contribution Niinemäe has made toward the combined generation portfolio and Iru Power Plant. “Toomas initiated many extremely important projects for our company such as the installation of new and clean burners for the boilers at Iru combined heat and power plant, automation of the operation of the power plant’s equipment and the launch of a waste recovery-based energy unit project,” added Pajo.

The objective of Eesti Energia’s heat and power generation field is to develop a more environmentally friendly power generation portfolio, which would place a significant role on renewable energy, expansion of combined heat and power generation in Estonia and the Baltic region as well as operating the Iru and Ahtme CHP plants and laying the foundation for generating nuclear energy.
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