Andres Tropp takes helm of Eesti Energia’s nuclear energy related projects

As of today, Andres Tropp (37) heads the Eesti Energia Group’s nuclear energy related projects. Tropp, who has served as Estonia’s ambassador to Lithuania for the last four years, will be in charge of coordinating Eesti Energia’s nuclear related projects in Lithuania as well as other potential projects. ”Eesti Energia has set a goal of diversifying its power generation portfolio. In addition to oil shale, we are keeping our eyes trained on renewable energy and nuclear energy projects,” said the chairman of Eesti Energia’s board, Sandor Liive. Liive said that the fact that Tropp, a person specialized in nuclear energy, has been hired by Eesti Energia is a concrete step toward finding new possibilities and making progress with feasible projects.  “Tropp is certainly a very capable manager and a man with diverse experience who is the driving force behind challenging major international projects,” added Liive. “Interesting developments lie ahead in the Baltic energy sphere, projects that dictate a need for closer cooperation between countries and companies. The latest developments show that nuclear energy has a key role to fill here,” said Tropp in speaking about the changes in store for the Baltic region. He added that Eesti Energia’s participation in the new Lithuanian nuclear energy project is a good example of the latter and he expressed hope that he would be able to contribute to making such unique projects a reality. Tropp is a graduate of the agrarian economics and marketing institute of the Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, where he received a master’s degree in marketing and business administration. Before being hired at Eesti Energia, Tropp served as Estonia’s ambassador to Lithuania. Before that he occupied a economic diplomatic post at Estonia’s Stockholm embassy and a post in the foreign economic policy department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information:
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