Eesti Energia starts search for Head of Communication

Kristi Liiva, who has been employed as Eesti Energia’s head of communication since summer 2005, will from 1 January 2008 start heading the communications firm of Jugaste Liiva Seimann. Eesti Energia will hold a targeted search for recruiting a new head of communication. “Kristi’s decision to focus on offering professional service to different companies and organizations at the firm she founded is natural and understandable. Kristi did what had to be done at EE – with her leadership, a polished, hard-working communications team was created and a functioning public relations system was put in place,” said chairman of the Eesti Energia management board, Sandor Liive. Kristi Liiva worked as director of the government communications office from 2003-2005, and from 1998 to spring 2003 Liiva headed Hansabank’s marketing and public relations operations. In 2005, she founded the public relations firm Jugaste Liiva Seimann together with Aimar Jugaste and Kristina Seimann.