Eesti Energia devotes a week to the possibilities of current and future energy


Energy Week, taking place from 8-14 May, addresses the possibilities of energy today and in the future through different events. During the week, which is based on Eesti Energia’s slogan “To devote all of our energy for the good of the people!”, energy-related food for thought is offered to everyone interested.

“Eesti Energia is an energy source for all Estonian people, and therefore our goal is to be a future-oriented company looking for new possibilities,” said Sandor Liive, the chief executive of Eesti Energia. “With the various events taking place during Energy Week, we want to attract the attention of both school children and opinion leaders, as well as to discuss together the topics of energy today and tomorrow. The future of energy and energy security are topical issues all over the world and thus we want to make an annual tradition of the Energy Forum, which is organised for the first time this year”.

The central event of Energy Week is the Energy Forum taking place on 14 May in the KUMU auditorium, where topical energy issues for both Estonia and Europe will be discussed. The Forum will address the future and development scenarios of the sector at different levels, and visions and innovative solutions will be offered to create an exchange of thought on this topic in society. President Toomas H. Ilves and Mr Sam Cross, the research manager of the Union of Electricity Industry of Europe EURELECTRIC, will speak there. In addition to the Minister of Economy and a security expert, representatives from Eesti Energia, the field of research and development and academicians will take part in the subsequent discussion panel.

Energy Week will begin with lectures on energy-related topics at universities, where key figures of different fields from Eesti Energia will share their knowledge with students and university teachers. During Energy Week, Eesti Energia offers its clients the opportunity to order an electrical power consumption statement for apartment buildings free of charge. The statement is part of the energy audit and it gives an overview of the electricity consumption of the whole building over the last three years. On the basis of the energy audit, it is possible to develop future plans to make the building more energy saving, i.e. to reduce expenses on energy.

Furthermore, Eesti Energia has invited its greater consumers of Green Energy to participate in the Green Biking Trip taking place from Friday to Sunday, which has been supported by Eesti Energia for many years. The employees of Eesti Energia itself are planting new forests in different counties all over Estonia, in cooperation with the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

During the whole week, the Energy Centre (Energiakeskus) welcomes both the young and the old to explore the world of energy, their exhibits and exciting programs. The Energy Centre ( is located near Linnahall at Põhja pst 29 (Linnahall tram stop) and during Energy Week it will be open every day from 10 to 17. On 814 May, there will be no entrance fee to the Energy Centre, but visitors should register beforehand by calling 71 52 650.

Eesti Energia is organising Energy Week for the second year and the month of May was chosen as on 8 May 1939 the then Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia Kaarel Eenpalu signed a decision of the Government of the Republic that provided the basis for founding the predecessor of Eesti Energia – AS Energiakeskus.

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