Estlink submarine cable tests continued both in Estonia and Finland


Temporarily put on hold tests with Estlink submarine cable have been resumed earlier this week in Finland. Continuation of tests in Estonia and Finland is necessary to install the cable to its connecting power network. Some voltage dips may occur for Estonian as well as Finish consumers while testing.

Eesti Energia regrets any inconvenience caused to its customers because of the possible minor voltage dips in the network. Voltage dips are easily recognized by an intermittent light and deactivation of the more fragile household equipment.

Starting from the middle of October, submarine cable constructor ABB has been carrying out tests in the converter stations in Espoo (Finland) and Harku (Estonia) in order to prepare the start-up of the cable for the end of November. ABB has confirmed to have found a solution to the problem and that the cable will become operational as planned. Inauguration of the cable will take place on 4 December in converter stations in Estonia and Finland.

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