The start-up of Estlink submarine cable might be delayed

Yesterday, 9 November, the problems in tests in converter station in Finland might delay the start-up of the Estlink submarine cable. Tests in Espoo substations have been temporarily discontinued. Starting from the middle of October, submarine cable constructor ABB has been carrying out tests in the converter stations in Espoo (Finland) and Harku (Estonia) in order to prepare the start-up of the cable for the end of November. “According to the current information some problems have occurred during the tests in the converter station in Espoo, which might delay the start-up of the cable. ABB is investigating the problem and is looking for a solution” – said Nordic Energy Link manager Indrek Aarna. He added, that ABB and Nordic Energy Link will inform on the nature and a solution of the problem as soon as possible. There have been no significant obstacles during the tests carried out in Estonia. Some voltage dips could have been possible when converter station was energized and might still occur until the end of the testing period.  In the meantime, the tests in Harku substation are in progress. Additional information:
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