Subsidiary of Eesti Energia received an electricity trading license in Latvia


E.Energy, a fully owned subsidiary of Eesti Energia, received an electricity trading license for operations in the Latvian market yesterday, September 27th. The license, approved by the Council of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission of Latvia provides, that E.Energy can start selling its energy from January 1, 2007 and the sold electricity volume may be up to 1TWh p.a., approximately 1/7 of the current Latvian market consumption.

E.Energy SIA was registered with the Latvian Company Register on May 10, 2006. The electricity sold by the company will be purchased from its producer, Eesti Energia AS, or other producers. The sole owner of E.Energy is Eesti Energia AS. The license for operation is valid untill the end of year 2011.

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