Estlink submarine cable now installed on seabed in its entirety

On Thursday, 21 September, the British vessel Sovereign completed installation of the Estlink electrical cable just off the Finnish coast, and the end of the cable that will connect the Baltic States with Finland was floated to shore. With this operation, the two parallel submarine cables on a 74-kilometre-long clearance have been installed on the seabed in their entirety. Installation of the underground part of the cable has also been completed both in Estonia and Finland. The submarine cable installation work began on 11 September in the Kakumäe bay near Tallinn. The English firm Global Marine Systems was in charge of the installation of the submarine cable. The Estlink cable, which connects substations in Harku, Estonia, and Espoo, Finland, will be largely embedded into the earth on the seabed. Connecting the ends of the submarine and underground cables and embedding the submarine cable into the seabed will take a few more weeks. In October, the devices will be tested, and in November, the first transmission tests will be performed. The cable should be operational by December of this year. The cable was installed, and will later be maintained and managed by, AS Nordic Energy Link, the owners of which are Eesti Energia, Pohjalan Voima and Helsingin Energia, Latvenergo and Lietuvos Energija. The cost of the project is 110 million euros. More information:
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