World’s power sector top specialists gather in Tallinn

Yesterday, 3 September 2006, the most momentous annual event of World Energy Council (abbr. WEC) – the Executive Assembly began in Tallinn. Hundreds of world power sector specialists and managers from more than 50 countries partake in the event. The host of the event is Estonian National Committee of WEC chaired by Sandor Liive, Eesti Energia´s CEO. The official patron and supporter of the event is the Minister of Economics and Communications of Estonian Republic. “I am convinced that hosting and organising the event of such a calibre is a great achievement for Estonia” – said Sandor Liive, CEO of Eesti Energia. “Considering the worldwide geographic dispersion principle applicable in the WEC, it is unlikely that the meeting of the Executive Assembly will be organised again within the next 5–7 years in the Baltic States or Northern Europe” – added Liive. Various committees will hold their workshops during the first three days of the event, while the fourth day is dedicated to the official session of the Assembly.  Besides, delegates will be introduced with the operation of Narva Power Plants and Estonian Oil Shale Company. Estonian Energy Day shall commence on the 7th of September, giving its participants an overview of current developments in the Estonian energy sector. Estonian scientists along with energy field professionals will introduce participants with Estonian energy policy, future directions as well as production peculiarities. The Chairman of WEC, Andre Caillé will open the day. In addition to him, Eesti Energia´s CEO Sandor Liive, Arvo Ots representing the Thermal Engineering Institute of Tallinn University of Technology, Head of energy department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Einari Kisel and others will participate in the event.  Established in 1923, WEC is one of the world’s leading energy organisation - the only global voice of the entire energy industry. The Estonian National Committee of WEC was established on 16 July 2003 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Science Academy, Estonian Power and Heat Association, Eesti Energia AS and AS Eesti Gaas. Additional information:
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