The ceremonial opening of the renovated high-voltage substation in Paldiski

1 September—The ceremonial opening of the renovated high-voltage substation in Paldiski took place today, with executives of the substation construction firm, Empower EEE AS, and the contracting authority, OÜ Põhivõrk, signing the document certifying delivery of the project.

In just a few years, the obsolete Paldiski substation has been replaced by a remote-controlled substation with modern equipment, which represents a much lesser risk to the environment. The substation employs a new oil separation system and computerized oil leak alert system. The project budget includes space on the substation grounds for future additions of equipment.

“The completion of the substation ensures better voltage quality for electricity consumers in Paldiski and the near vicinity,” said chairman of the OÜ Põhivõrk management board Henn Jõe. He added that with the completion of work, Põhivõrk has now minimized the chance of power interruptions.

In addition to Paldiski and consumers in the vicinity, the substation is important for all Estonians, since a major part of wind energy used in Estonia is generated here. Two new 110-kilovolt cells were built for the substation. In a couple years it will be possible to connect the Paldiski Wind Park, now nearing completion.

The head contractor of the renovation of Paldiski substation was Empower EEE AS. The total cost of the project was 40 million kroons (€2.56 million).