In the opinion of customers, Eesti Energia’s image is improving

Eesti Energia has published the findings of the latest satisfaction survey of household customers. According to the survey, while the overall satisfaction index for Eesti Energia has remained unchanged from last year, opinion about the company’s image has improved. For customers, the most important satisfaction criterion is the high quality of electricity.

As in previous years, the results of this survey were positive. The satisfaction level has increased mostly in the issues related to the price of electricity. This area received a higher ranking than in earlier surveys. According to the findings, household customers find that the price for electricity charged by Eesti Energia is not excessive. “This may be influenced by both the general economic growth of Estonia and by the fact that this year the average household price for electricity charged by Eesti Energia has not increased, or has even fallen,” said Toomas Plunt, market analyst for Eesti Energia. Satisfaction with the company’s customer service and with the company in general remained at the same level as previous years. On the other hand, satisfaction with billing has slightly increased to 94 points, and is approaching the maximum. On the other hand, satisfaction was slightly down with regard to the quality of electricity. For Eesti Energia, this is definitely one of the most critical indicators, since customers consider it the most important factor influencing satisfaction. “Amongst others things, customers consider a convenient and simple e-service, which allows all procedures to be carried out, to be an important factor in achieving satisfaction with the company. In particular, customers are waiting for the ability to electronically enter into contracts,” remarked Plunt. Speaking of the expectations, Toomas Plunt highlighted that there was an above-average interest towards additional services that would help customers to carry out in-house electricity related activities in a smoother fashion. Under good service, customers mainly expect to see the company react quickly to their enquiries and come up with solutions to their problems. The customers also place a high value on fair treatment and regard it as an integral part of overall satisfaction. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this year’s survey showed that in most cases billing and other electricity-related transactions were mostly handled by women, not men. The satisfaction survey’s questions were divided into five categories: the company’s image, customer service and billing, quality of electricity, and price of electricity. In addition, for the second time this year, Eesti Energia studied customers’ attitudes towards other large service enterprises in comparison with Eesti Energia. The survey was carried out by phone, and was anonymous. It was conducted by the survey company Faktum and Ariko. This was the sixth annual survey of household customers, with responses submitted by 1,250 household customers. Iveri Marukashvili
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