Baltic scientists are involved for the feasibility study of a new nuclear reactor

Today, 24 May, Heads and representatives of the working groups of the three Baltic Energy Companies - Lietuvos Energija AB, Eesti Energija and Latvenergo met in Riga, where the Steering committee approved Scientific Advisory Committee the main task of which is to give an opinion on the working group reports. It will help the Steering committee members make the decisions on the proposed solutions and elaborate on the construction of the nuclear unit in the working groups.
During today’s session, according to the previous Steering committee taken decisions, the Baltic Energy companies have presented their proposals for the recruitment of scientists for the feasibility study. Thus, in order to prepare an additional opinion on feasibility study, in Scientific Advisory Committee Lithuanian scientists will be represented by Kaunas Technical University and Lithuanian Energy Institute, Latvian scientists - by Latvian Academy of Sciences, and Estonian scientists - by Estonian Academy of Science. Moreover, in today's meeting technological and environment working group together with consultants from Colenco Power Engineering has discussed the terms of reference of the Study, which includes the evaluation of technologies for the nuclear plant and its environmental impact, geological research and evaluation of a possible construction site for the power plant. Working groups will continue with the feasibility study. Steering Committee will hold its subsequent meeting on June 11 .
Under action plan of the Steering Committee, the working groups within the scope of their competence shall complete the feasibility study by not later than October 1, 2006 and submit their results to the Steering Committee.
On March 8 of this year Lietuvos Energija AB, Eesti Energija and Latvenergo signed a memorandum of understanding, which marked a beginning of a feasibility study on construction of a new nuclear reactor in Lithuania. Iveri Marukashvili
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