Eesti Energia moves its offices from the centre of Tallinn to Mustamäe

The relocation of Eesti Energia departments from the city centre to the new office and service building at Kadaka Road in Mustamäe has been completed. The customer service office of Eesti Energia at Gonsiori Street, in the city centre, will remain open. The new building, erected next to the departments of Eesti Energia located in Mustamäe, will house the Service, Distribution Network Centre, Tallinn-Harju Network Construction Sector and Elpec, the subsidiary of Eesti Energia that designs power networks. As an extension of the complex, Eesti Energia will renovate the adjoining building for use by the Tallinn-Harju region of the Distribution Network. Eesti Energia has already sold the premises that it vacated in the city centre. The completion of the new building will simplify and speed up customers’ dealings with the company, since they will be able to solve various electricity-related problems at a single location. In addition, the consolidation of different services into one location will increase the efficiency of internal communication in Eesti Energia, and reduce the time spent by its employees travelling across town between different offices. The new building will also have lower maintenance costs and the company expects to save around EEK 1 million on utility costs each year. The price of one square metre of the new building is EEK 10 500, which is significantly lower than the cost of office space in the centre of Tallinn. Beginning this week, the commercial customer service, connection service and the debt service departments are open for customers in the new building, located on Kadaka Street. The company’s department that handles construction and electricity projects, detailed and general planning and approval of large shipments, will remain at Kadaka 61, in the premises of the Tallinn-Harju area of the Distribution Network. These services will move into their new premises in the coming winter. With the completion of the building, Eesti Energia completed its long-term plan to consolidate its offices from the centre of Tallinn to Mustamäe. The first step in this plan was the relocation of the head office of Eesti Energia, from Estonia Boulevard to Laki Street in Mustamäe, in 2000. After the completion of the new building, the area between Kadaka and Laki streets will become a so-called City of Energy, housing all of Eesti Energia’s office space in Tallinn.

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