Three Baltic Energy Companies Met in Riga for a New NPP Feasibility Study Kick-off Meeting

Thursday, 30th of March, the CEOs and other executives of three Baltic energy companies -Eesti Energia, Latvenergo and Lietuvos Energija, gathered in Riga for the kick-off meeting for the new Lithuanian nuclear power plant feasibility study to be completed by the end of the year. At the meeting four working groups established in the field of Technology and Environment, Financing, Legal and Transmission held their first working session and the Steering Committee formed from the CEOs of three energy companies agreed on the Scope and Action Plan for the study. On the basis of the Scope and Action Plan adopted by the decision of the Steering Committee the working groups shall prepare particular studies in their competence sphere at latest by the October, 1 2006 and present them to the Steering Committee. On March 8, the heads of Eesti Energia, Latvenergo and Lietuvos Energija signed a Memorandum of Understanding on conducting the feasibility study for construction of a new nuclear plant in Lithuania. Iveri Marukashvili
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