Eesti Energia rebrands subsidiaries under one name

On 8 May, Eesti Energia brought its subsidiaries, which had previously operated under different names and logos, under one name and visual identity. Eesti Energia’s subsidiaries will operate internationally under the Enefit brand name.

All of the companies in the group will begin using a single visual identity and the companies operating outside Estonia will begin bearing the trademark Enefit. “With the help of the unified identity, the activity of the Group will become more comprehensible for customers and partners and the companies’ operations on various markets will become simpler“, said chairman of the management board of the Eesti Energia Group, Sandor Liive.

Eesti Energia’s subsidiary in Latvia, SIA E.Energy, and the Lithuanian company, UAB Lumen Balticum, will be known as SIA Enefit and UAB Enefit, respectively, effective 8 May. The company in Jordan, Oil Shale Energy of Jordan, will be called Enefit Ltd. All of the companies will use the same visual identity as Eesti Energia, which will create strong associations between Eesti Energia’s international and domestic activities.

The name Enefit was inspired from Eesti Energia’s field of activity, the phrase fit for your needs, and is a compound word formed by energy and benefit.

In the last few years, Eesti Energia has significantly transformed the range of its operations. The Estonian electrical company has now become an energy solutions partner with an integral value chain, operating both in Estonia and in international markets. Eesti Energia administers an
integrated chain from oil shale mining, various production methods to transport, sale and service enhancements.

In the 2008/09 financial year, Eesti Energia’s subsidiary in Latvia achieved a 5% market share, and as of the end of the financial year, SIA Enefit’s (formerly SIA E.Energy) clients included 110 companies to which a total of 170 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity was sold. Eesti Energia’s Lithuanian company UAB Enefit will begin active energy sales in Lithuania
in 2009.

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