Eesti Energia’s Lithuanian subsidiary now headed by Liudas Liutkevicius

The new head of Eesti Energia’s Lithuanian subsidiary Lumen Balticum is Liudas Liutkevicius, who up to this time had served as managing director of UAB Pristis. The company’s objective is to enter the Lithuanian electricity market and become the leading competitor on the local electricity supply market.

Liutkevicius says the first step is to do everything possible to liberalize the Lithuanian electricity market – not just on paper but in real life. “In 2009, we must start active energy sales in Lithuania and establish our credentials as a trustworthy partner there,” said Liutkevicius.

According to member of the Eesti Energia management board Margus Rink, big changes lie ahead on the Lithuanian energy sphere in connection with market deregulation. “To this point, Eesti Energia has successfully expanded activity in Latvia and gained a 5% share of the electricity sales market there. Now we want to be a leader in the opening of the market in Lithuania as well,” said Rink.

For the last seven years, Liutkevicius was employed at the AS Pristis subsidiary UAB Pristis, where he served as CEO for the last four years.